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Sep 23, 2022



Detail Project:

Based in Dubai, Nazra is a luxury brand that creates and sells women’s luxury dresses and fitness sets. With thousands of followers on social media, Nazra is a popular name in the local fashion industry.


  • Due to the cut-throat competition, promoting an apparel brand in a region like UAE is always challenging. Apart from the competition, we had to deal with the following challenges while optimizing and managing social media channels for Nazra:

    • Brand building from scratch
    • Ensuring a compelling social media presence across all channels
    • Devising content ideas to compete with similar brands
    • Setting Nazra apart by creating authentic unique selling points for the brand
    • Putting forward content that’s not just unique and creative but something the target audience could relate to
    • Tracking results and measuring the ROI to make changes to the strategy and further improve the results

Our Strategy

We believe in a long-term, result-driven strategy based on the data. Thus, together, our creative experts carved out a custom strategy that included regular content production, post-scheduling on specific hours, social media polls, and exciting contests.
We also planned to post client testimonials on social media and positive feedback to win the trust of the target audience, which is the key to success in any form of online marketing. Simultaneously, we strategized to measure results and mold the campaign accordingly to make room for further improvement.

The Execution

Irrespective of the industry, the execution phase is always tricky in any social media marketing campaign. We aligned dedicated resources to the Nazra to pace up the content development process and ensure timely scheduling and rollout of both promotional and sales-oriented posts across all social channels of the brand.


Despite the fact that Nazra is operating in an extremely competitive market, Nazra witnessed a massive boost in reach and impressions. While the number of like/followers and profile visits also improved.

Increase in reach
Increase in Likes/Followers
Increase in impressions
Increase in Profile visits

Project Goal:


When it comes to ‘Brainstorming,’ our project goal is to unlock creativity and innovative ideas.

Planing and Concept

When it comes to ‘Planning and Concept,’ we’re your creative architects, shaping your ideas into strategic success

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